About Us

HHRG (Health & Human Rights Group) is a student group based out of the School of Medicine at Flinders University in South Australia.

We hold a broad commitment to a world free of human rights abuses of all kinds, but focus our efforts on health.

Contact Us

Co-Presidents: Harry Power and Jake Jeffery president@hhrg.org.au

Secretary: Van Dang  secretary@hhrg.org.au

Treasurer: Tin Inaldo  treasurer@hhrg.org.au

Promotions Officer: Lucy Atkinson promotions@hhrg.org.au

Events Co-ordinator: Fred Gott events@hhrg.org.au

Sponsorship Officer: Sundus Raza  sponsorship@hhrg.org.au

AMSA Global health Rep: Claire Baxter globalhealth@hhrg.org.au

Global & Refugee Health: Claire Baxter refugee@hhrg.org.au

Indigenous Health: Dan Ring  indigenous@hhrg.org.au

Environmental Health: Alisha Thompson environment@hhrg.org.au

Mental & Sexual Health: Hayley Scottmentalhealth@hhrg.org.au and sexualhealth@hhrg.org.au

FGAP Coordinator: Anandpreet Singh fgap@hhrg.org.au