Flinders Student Run Clinic (FSRC)

Why we care

Though all Australian residents have Medicare, equitable healthcare access for all is still a distant dream. Many impediments to healthcare access stem from differences in help seeking behaviour. In the case of homelessness, these impediments come in the form of a fear of discrimination and a general lack of trust.

The Target Demographic

A third of the demographic is children under 10 years old. 60% of the target population are either Asylum Seekers or Aboriginal families. The backgrounds of these individuals are highly complex and so are their needs.


The Flinders Student Run Clinic is based on a model that has been pioneered by University of California, San Diego and has been running successfully in parts of the world including USA, UK, France, Spain, India, Mexico, Portugal, Uganda, etc. You can learn more about the pioneering model here https://meded.ucsd.edu/freeclinic/

Community Partner

We are partnering with Inner Southern Homelessness Service (ISHS) in Marion SA. They run many support services for the homeless, including emergency housing, a creche and a counselling clinic. They helped around 800 families last year.

The FSRC Model

The patients walk-in to ISHS and are accompanied to the clinic by their case worker. A pair of students (1 from pre-clinical years and 1 from clinical years) sees the patient, diagnoses the problem. In consultation with a supervising GP, prepares a management plan. GP, the patient, case worker and the students sign off on the management plan. The case worker will support the patient in adhering to the management plan.

What Has Been Accomplished So Far

A relationship with the community partner has been established. The target population’s needs have been mapped out. A physical space for running the clinic has been readied. A Nurse Practitioner will be running a sexual health clinic on Wednesdays commencing soon.

What Needs To Be Done

Legal paperwork, Additional Infrastructure at the clinic space.

Clinic needs to be marketed – this will be done by ISHS.

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